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Cairns & Great Barrier Reef

Marlin Mayhem – Australian Marlin Fishing

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While many say that if you haven’t fished a Cairns heavy tackle season some may say you haven’t fished at all – the giant black marlin fishery of Cairns is not all the east coast waters have to offer. Australian marlin fishing destinations are amongst some of the best spots in the world.

The juvenile black marlin grounds off Townsville, Cairns and the Gold Coast are great options for light tackle specialists or for novices looking for a lot of fun.  KEKOA spends the winter months, July through September, in sunny North Queensland chasing the juvenile black marlin, sailfish, as well as an abundance of other sport fish and pelagic species such as spanish mackerel.

Meanwhile, Port Stephens is recognised as one of Australia’s most picturesque and action packed fisheries. Blue, black and striped marlin are all prolific in these waters. And in the winter, the waters of the Gold Coast also offer good medium to heavy tackle fishing for striped and blue marlin.

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Australian Marlin Fishing

KEKOA is custom built for the Cairns Giant Black Marlin heavy tackle season, KEKOA’s 56 foot design integrates luxury, quality and comfort to cater for all your individual charter experiences.

– Live aboard & Day Trips

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  • Cairns giant black marlin
  • Heavy / Light tackle fishing East Coast of Australia
  • Black, blue and striped marlin, sailfish, tuna, mahi mahi, wahoo and more
  • Private and personalized charter specialists
  • Swim and snorkel the Great Barrier Reef
  • Holiday at some of Australia’ most picturesque and remote locations
  • Corporate team building adventures


On KEKOA we offer anglers the ultimate in comfort and fishing platform combined to make your trip a truly memorable one.

The KEKOA experience:

Our cook/hostess Kelly offers our guests great meals that include the best local seafood and quality Australian beef. We trust you’ll enjoy the menu – and you certainly will not go home hungry!

During the Cairns Giant Black Marlin Season you can enjoy a snorkel or swim after breakfast and sport fishing for bait and the table, before heading out to the marlin grounds – a short trip of a matter of a few minutes.

At night, enjoy socialising and unwinding while reviewing the days footage over the selection of Australian beer, wine & soft drinks provided. KEKOA is fully equipped with cockpit and tow cameras to record all the fishing action on video. Kelly is an avid photographer and captures some truly awesome still photographs as well (see more of Kelly’s pictures in the photo galleries). You’ll leave with not only great memories of a fantastic trip, but some great video and photographic evidence as well all copied for you onto DVD.
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