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Cairns & Great Barrier Reef

Giant Black Marlin Cairns

The Ultimate fishing Destination

October –> November

Cairns is recognised world-wide as THE number one place to catch a 1000lb black marlin. The giant black marlin season runs annually from late September to early December when year after year the giant black marlin return to this area of the Great Barrier Reef to spawn.

The females range from 700 to 1300lbs and with the abundance of smaller males from 250lbs at their side, giving anglers from all over the world an opportunity of a lifetime.

During our live aboard season we follow the fish up and down the 100+ mile stretch of reef between Cairns and Lizard Island in order to put you onto the very best possible fishing! If you haven’t fished a Cairns marlin fishing season, some may say you haven’t fished at all. And if you’ve fished here once, you’re sure to be back!


World-class extends beyond just the giant black marlin!

We are fishing the edge along a stretch of the Great Barrier Reef that runs 100+ miles between Cairns in the south to Lizard Island in the north called the “Ribbon Reefs”.

It is truly a very special part of the world!

A typical day on the reef might be a swim (snorkel/spearifsh for reef fish) and/or fish in the morning (for bait and sport fish, throwing poppers for Gts etc) before we head out to fish for the big girls before lunch – all depending on what part of the reef we are fishing on.

At night time we enjoy drinks and eating, chatting and reviewing the days footage from our on board cameras on comfortable reef anchorages, just minutes from where we are fishing.

Fishing in these beautiful locations, the scenery is an amazing bonus!

GIANT black marlin on KEKOA

On KEKOA we offer anglers the ultimate fishing platform and comfort combined to make your trip a truly memorable one!

KEKOA was custom built by renowned boat builders O’Brien Boats specifically to fish these waters. At 56 foot she provides a stable and comfortable ride as well as a world class fishing platform.

Our crew are highly experienced in all sorts of marlin fishing while Luke himself has fished the giant black marlin marlin season for 30 years now.

In order to give yourself the very best opportunity, KEKOA recommends live-aboard fishing charters between 3 and 10 days in duration. We offer whole boat charters and can comfortably cater for groups of up to four anglers onboard. Mothershipping is also available upon request.

Our trips are fully catered and all tackle is supplied.

HISTORY CAIRNS black marlin

The Cairns giant black marlin season was established in the 1970’s after the first 1000lb black marlin was weighed by angler Richard Obach fishing with Captain George Bransford in 1966. (KEKOA took part in the 50th Anniversary celebrations of the Cairns Giant Black Marlin Season in 2016!)

Since then, more big black marlin have been caught (and released) in the waters off Cairns than anywhere else in the world!

The black marlin (Makaira Indica) is the least common of all marlin species. They are usually found in tropical and subtropical Indo-Pacific and east Pacific oceans such as Cairns on the north east coast of Australia where the black marlin fishing is considered the best in the world!

The black marlin is one of the fastest fish on earth and is highly sought after among big game fisherman around the world. If you are an experienced marlin fisherman (or woman!), or a complete novice, Giant Black Marlin Fishing Cairns should be the number 1 option and destination on your list of your next big game fishing adventure!

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