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Cairns & Great Barrier Reef

Late season adding up the black marlin

Another perfect sized marlin for the standup tackle

Glen returned to the reef with Scotty again this past trip for another 6 days and although the fishing was tough with a band of dirty water pushing through on the edge, we managed to find some fish with 9 marlin released in the 6 days including 6 black marlin and 3 blue marlin.  Like Scotty earlier in the season, Glen was also able to give the standup tackle a try releasing two blue marlin on the lighter line – his first blue. They gave a spectacular display at the back of the boat and at one stage, one looked like it was going to join us on board!

Beautiful clear water showing Bougainville reef under the rigger

We also had a chance to explore some of the reefs a bit further afield, namely Bougainville and Holmes Reef. The water out there is so clear and the coral spectacular!

The first blue marlin of the trip also marked KEKOA’s 70th marlin of the 2011 Cairns season (as well as 71,72, and 73) which is a great result!  With just a couple trips remaining for the season now, we have our sights set on 80!

I also had a chance this week to put another video clip together. Its a compilation of jump shots on the leader from some of our fish from this season. I hope you enjoy!

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