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Cairns & Great Barrier Reef

Barramundi Fishing Charters

If you’re not marlin fishing you may as well be barra fishing!
Barramundi are of course on of our other great loves and we are lucky that the Queensland coastal estuaries and impoundments offer barramundi anglers a number of different options fishing with Luke and with or without KEKOA!

Luke has been barra guiding since the early 1990’s and is very adept at both saltwater barra fishing as well as impoundment fishing.

He has been fishing at Peter Faust since it first opened 30 years ago and his experience over many years of fishing here is to the benefit of all of our guests.

In February 2021 we launched a custom built 5.8m O’Brien Boat KOA specifically to target barra in the estuaries and dams.

More about impoundment packages including barramundi charters at Lake Proserpine.


From 2023 Luke will also be targeting saltwater barramundi and other estuaries species on the Proserpine River and estuaries around Repulse Bay.


Day Tripping

Our Proserpine & Whitsundays estuary fishing charters are generally departing Conroy Road boat ramp which provides convenient access to the Proserpine Rivers as well as the estuaries of Repulse Bay.

Luke lives at Proserpine and typically spends most of his private fishing effort locally to the benefit of our clients.


KEKOA comfortably adds a mothershipping option for extended / live aboard trips in and around the islands and estuaries of the greater Whitsunday region – as well as the flexibility to move and explore this wonderful playground!

Estuary fishing during the day, put out a crab pot or two, and back to the comfortable accommodations of KEKOA at night.

Departing Airlie Beach. Get in touch to discuss options!