Cairns & Fraser Island

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We offer personalised multi-day live aboard marlin fishing charters fishing off Cairns & along the Great Barrier Reef to Fraser Island

— With Captain Luke Fallon —

Cairns giant black marlin

KEKOA Sports Fishingis best known for fishing the Cairns giant black marlin season which runs from late September to late November each year.

During this time you’ll find KEKOA fishing waters of the Great Barrier Reef’s Ribbon Reefs. During this primarily live aboard season, we follow the fish up and down this 100+ mile stretch of reef between Cairns and Lizard Island in order to put you onto the very best possible fishing!

Fraser Island marlin fishing

Since 2018 KEKOA has been based the rest of the year December to September at Hervey Bay and fishing the waters east of the beautiful Fraser Island.

Fraser Island is an amazing fishery with world class fishing for blue marlin as well as a spectacular winter run of juvenile black marlin. In a given day we can catch a marlin grand slam, usually blue, black and striped marlin with the occasional sailfish and spearfish thrown in for good measure!

Cairns giant
black marlin
Cairns is recognised world-wide as THE
number one place to catch a 1000lb black marlin.
Team combining expert fishing experience and wonderful live aboard hospitality
Captain Luke &
Kelly Fallon

Captain Luke Fallon is one of the most experienced skippers fishing the reef. He is a veteran of 34 seasons straight – yes that’s every single year since starting on deck as a 16 year old crewman! And he is intimately familiar with his vessel running both the original and new KEKOA for the same owner now for over 16 years.

The combination of Luke and wife Kelly, herself now a veteran of 16 seasons, is unbeatable. Aside from being a talented photographer (Kelly’s photos adorn this website), who will document your trip and fish for you, Kelly is a wiz in the galley and loves to whip up exciting treats for our guests! Many of our return clients joke they come back for the food as much as the fishing!

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Ultimate combination of fishability and live aboard comfort
KEKOA Sports Fishing

KEKOA is likewise an unbeatable fishing platform. She is a big and beamy 56 foot O’Brien Boatworks gameboat custom built for marlin fishing on Australia’s east cost. She is kept in tip top condition with Luke well known in the industry for his boat cleanliness and maintenance.

KEKOA underwent a moderate internal refit in 2018 and the installation of a gyro stabiliser in 2018 (upgraded to the latest model in 2020) and well as re-powering with brand new MTU 2000 Series V8 engines in 2021 mean she’s just as good now as the day she was launched!

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