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Cairns & Great Barrier Reef

Another trip, another big marlin

black marlin on KEKOA
Cas’ 850lb black marlin jumps behind KEKOA

We wound up another trip yesterday with long time regular Steve and his mate Cas. While Cas has caught marlin before, never a black marlin and happily he caught his first, second, third and fourth!

Steve and Cas went hour for hour rotating the strike and it must have been Cas’ lucky weekend because he was on strike for every one of the fish. Happily, Steve has caught many marlin (and once went 5-nil on a fishing charter himself) so he was content to watch.  We were missing our big fish until about 5 minutes before lines in when there was a spectacular bite on the big bait.  This one put Cas through his newly developed chair-rod paces with the fish only coming up twice during the entire 30 minute fight. But it was smiles all round when she was released at an estimated 850lbs after a few good jump shots on the leader.
Braden’s first big fish on the leader too!  Congrats guys. It was so lovely to have you on board, as always Steve!

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