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Cairns & Great Barrier Reef

Marlin Fishing: Col’s 700

Er, make that 1100lb! That’s what size Col tells me it was by the time they got home!

Col in the chair

Greyhounding away

We had Raymond, Col and Rolly (Tackleworld Tully) marlin fishing with us overnight on October 16/17 and while the weather was glamour and although we had a few lookers, day 1 ended without hookup. On Day 2 we had a relaxing morning with some bait fishing and throwing poppers at GT’s along the reef edge (and winning with a few!)

After another bite from a smaller fish, the big bite came on the skip bait and Col won the race to the chair, only half an hour before home time.

She did some great greyhounding jumps away from the boat which sent us roaring downsea chasing her and giving Col a dousing in the chair – welcome to Cairns big marlin fishing!

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