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Cairns & Great Barrier Reef

Gulf Barra Season Week 2: Alex’s Archer

Second week of gulf barra fishing and our first ‘grander’ barramundi of 2012. Fishing “Eddie’s Drain”, Luke managed a 117cm barra. Eddie’s produced several more nice fish including a 82cm for Alex and the boys lost a few more nice ones. The Archer certainly delivered some good quality fish this week with Alex’s biggest at 90cm and several more around that mark. While the river is still running pretty hard, we can only expect the barramudi fishing to get better.

The Little Archer also produced some good pockets of smaller (around legal size) barras as well plenty of saratoga and mangrove jacks. The Ward also fished well earlier in the week on the tides with a couple of 100 fish days to start us off again.

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Looks like another fantastic trip just makes me want to come back to try the Archer.

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