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Cairns & Great Barrier Reef

Gulf Barra Season: Week 1 Tassies

Glen, Dave, Chris and Brett join us this week from Tasmania – and the first day on the water yesterday has seen them off to a great start for their week barra fishing. Starting on the flats and then moving onto the drains with the tides, the boys caught close to 100 barramundi between them for the day. No real big fish yet but a few nice legal ones which we kept for the table. Last night they enjoyed the spoils with fresh barra for dinner – Yum!

More photos and report to come as the week progresses.

Day 2: Another 100 barramundi added on Day 2 with the sun shining and not a single shower to provide a cool break. And another few mud crabs so the mudcrab lasagna for Sunday night is looking good again!

Today is ‘change teams’ day and Glen and Brett, who are fighting it out for top dog at present, are fishing together.  Brothers Chris and Dave likewise will be joining forces today and were strategizing this morning for a come from behind win.

Day 3: Glen and Brett cemented their lead with an impressive day on the water managing close to 70 fish in another 100+ fish day.  I think Glen is leading on numbers and Brett and Chris on keepers and Glen has the biggest fish, followed closely by Dave – but who’s counting 😉  Brett even managed to catch two fish on the one lure yesterday hooking up a barra on the back treble, and then a salmon on the front on the way in (photo below).  The boys asked me to add some of the food pics. We’ve definitely been enjoying the fresh barra for dinner and I smoked some as well to make smoked barramundi quiches for morning tea which were a hit!

Day 4: We moved out to the Pennyfather River for a change of scenery and fishing. Chris and Dave, fishing with Luke, found a bunch of small barra and mangroves jacks in clear water upriver and were sight casting to them. Brett and Glen fished the mouth with Donny for queenfish and caught close to 35 throwing slices and popper and chased a big fish for 15 minutes before getting it to the boat.
Day 5: We fished bluewater back to Weipa. It was a great day on the water and flat calm and the boys had a steady rotation of Spanish mackerel coming into the boat (and a ginormous dirty barracuda giving Brett the biggest fish of the week gong). No billfish sighted but we’ll try again next week!

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Comments (4)

Looks like you are having an amazing time Dad (Brett). Great pictures. Love Nic and co.

Thanks to the crew of KEKOA from the Tasssie boy’s what an amazing trip from the fishing with 400 + fish overall to the hospitality the food and the boat.
It was fantastic and we will be talking about it for a long time to come, we even got to bring home a good feed of fish each for Easter. The whole package overall exceeded our expectations so thanks Luke, Kelly, and Don.
Regards Glenn,David ,Brett and Chris.

Hey Luke the eski system worked a treat.
At Weipa airport we wrapped each eski as you taped together in a plastic bag provided by them and went went through as one item.
Stiil frozen when we arrive home. Great job mate.

So very happy to have you all join us – what a great start to the season!

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