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Cairns & Great Barrier Reef

Gulf Barra Season Week 4: Tassie does it again

Scotty, Glen and Jason from TAS and Vic from VIC are back on board again this week and have been quick out of the barra fishing blocks. With the tides favouring some afternoon fishing on the drains the boys have been returning to the boat late and on a high, the best day of which was 110 barra released for Scotty and Jason fishing with Luke on just the one boat alone!

Vic and Glen have found some revenge, and fishing with Donny, assure me they have not only caught up but taken the lead. Now they just need the photographic evidence to support the claim!  Photos from Donny’s camera to come.

And two more days fishing to go!

Update: With the tides neaping out for the rest of the week, we moved down to the Archer River for the final couple of days fishing and the boys got a quick session in yesterday and tell me it was very hot fishing (Glen got three barra in three casts but a nervous fourth cast messed him up for a quadruple!) They are keen to get out on the water this morning and I look forward to hearing how they go. We had some pretty good rain overnight so here’s hoping the bite is still on today!

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Comments (3)

Ah ha – have found how they fudge the numbers….. The same photo has appeared twice – picture 2 and 4 on the bottom row. 🙂

Good catch though that was me rather than any attempt to fudge the number – Wrong team! Haha! Anyways, all fixed now 🙂

Hey, I did not say which team. Take your pick, after all we are talking about fishermen here and we all know how their stories can grow. Only follows that it must also apply to their counting skills… 😉

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