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Cairns & Great Barrier Reef

Fraser light tackle black marlin firing!


We’re back from three days on the water with Scotty fishing solo on the KEKOA with Luke and myself releasing 39 little black marlin for the 2.5 days of fishing!

Day 1 we released 11 from 20+ odd raised. All switch baiting off the teasers which is a lot of fun. First day for Scotty ever fishing the light tackle and he surprised himself with how much he enjoyed it. They are such energetic fish and so hectic on the bite. We had three up and jumping in our teasers that didn’t even make it to the switch.

We didn’t see one after 2pm so made the call to fish a half day the next day and then do some deep dropping in the afternoon which is one of the reasons we’re out, to give Scotty’s new electric reels a workout. Well they got a workout in more ways than one when the bolt on Luke’s bridge teaser sheared and nearly took his head off midway through the hot bite on the first day!! So with Wizzy’s new teaser rods on board slotted them in and the electric reels became the new bridge teaser. Worked a treat.

Day 2 we were on 13 by 12:30 so decided to head out to the dropping and caught another on the way to put us on 14 from 17 with another 5 or so raised.

Day 3 we again fished until just after lunch before crossing the bar to head for home with another 14 released. Conversion rate was on point only missing the one fish. Absolutely awesome fishing.

We stayed on the outside of the islands with the westerlies overnight and I gotta say how good is the gyro on a proper ocean anchorage. Makes for overnight comfort!!

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