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Cairns & Great Barrier Reef

In the media: Heavy Tackle Fishing on the GBR on KEKOA

[styled_image image=”” w=”300″ h=”191″  lightbox=”yes” alt=”The Waterman’s Journal – Kekoa” align=”left”  rel=””]Read about what heavy tackle fishing on the Great Barrier Reef is all about in Kelly’s article, featured in the most recent issue of the Waterman’s Journal by Pelagic.  The article includes plenty of action photos as well as an outline of a typical day fishing on the reef.

Read the Article–>Heavy Tackle Fishing on the GBR

The Cairns marlin fishery is one of just a few locations around the world where giant black marlin are known to be present in numbers. In 2011, over 20 grander class black marlin were caught on this part of the reef by the entire charter boat fleet.

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