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Cairns & Great Barrier Reef

Big fish in 2011

Chase in the chair
Dingo on the leader

We’ve had a few quiet days as the fishing slowed in the last week but the fish seem to be coming back on the bite. Even when it’s slow, the big black marlin are around and happily we can report that we’ve caught marlin over 700lbs on every trip so far this season.

I’m putting together another 7 over 700lb Youtube clip so lookout for that soon. (Last year’s 7 over 700lb can be viewed here).

Swedes Kent and Thomas joined us from Florida this year and had a great trip catching 9 in 4 days to 850lbs (which equaled Kent’s previous biggest for a marlin which was a 850lb blue marlin at Ascension Islands). After that, the big fish bite was 850lbs for Brendan and then a 750lb-er for Jason.

Yesterday we started a new trip with Richard, Michael and Chase from the USA and went two from two — the first one for Chase that Capt. Luke put at right up near the mark (we called it 950lbs++). Chase is a seasoned marlin fisherman and regularly works the deck at home in the USA but this was by far the biggest marlin he has ever seen. It gave him a great fight before finally it came up (an hour later) and did some great aerobatics at the back of the boat. I’m putting the video together for that one as well. Stay tuned!

We also released a smaller fish for Michael as well which was also his first black marlin.

Photos to come once we get better internet service!

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