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Cairns & Great Barrier Reef

Catch Up Report: Dougie’s Stand Up

Dougie (otherwise known as Shigeshi Tanaka in Japan) fished with us on November 9, 10, 11 with Capt. Barry “Cranky” Cross and Queensland’s leading fishing writer John Mondura (who is often Dougie’s personal photographer on these trips).  Dougie’s been fishing the reef for 21 years chasing his dream of the illusive grander on 50lb line — and it was a pleasure to have all three of these gentlemen on board with us!

John tells me that Dougie is the best angler on 50lb stand up that he’s ever seen.  And after seeing him in action, I can’t help but agree.  Dougie was a machine putting in almost two hours on an 800lb-er (video) that piled on the skip bait while we were still finishing lunch.  Capt. Luke expertly maneuvered KEKOA to help Dougie raise the fish three times before Dingo could get her on the leader for some spectacular jumps (including one almost to climb into the cockpit – picture) before she was set free.  For much of the early fight she also had a smaller male fishing swimming with her.

He also made short work of a smaller fish well inside of five minutes.  And fought another big fish – pushing the 100olb mark for 20 minutes before the line broke.  We all got a good look at her as she followed the second bait in, almost to the transom door, before veering off..and taking off.  After some spectacular jumps with the double to the rod tip a couple of times, the 50lb line parted for no apparent reason and the fish went on her merry way.

Dougie will be back to try again for his grander black marlin on 50lb.

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