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Cairns & Great Barrier Reef

All The Way From W.A.

Joining us this week we have Alex,  Brian and John from West Australia, they are used to the Fremantle Doctor winds and to their advantage this held them in good stead to for their first day on board KEKOA. The worst day of the season dawned on the guys  and to their credit they withstood the winds and sea yesterday at number 5 and went one from one with Alex releasing a smaller marlin.

 Not many ventured out and from what I hear, it would have been hard yakka fighting a big fish on a day like this. Well done Guys, even Capt Luke stayed in the flybridge, those who know Luke know that the tower is his office and it must have been very ordinary for him not to be in his beloved tower!

The team from the West finished their 5 day charter releasing 5 Marlin all up around the 200lb and 300lb mark. They certainly got the worst of the weather for this season, but still managed a great time onboard. The team where somewhat unlucky as they managed numerous bites on each day of fishing but unfortunately sometimes they dont all stick and the rough conditions can also add to the Marlin misjudging a succesful bite.

We look forward to seeing Alex, Brian and John onboard again in the future.

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