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Cairns & Great Barrier Reef

Lizard Island 2009

Lizard Island 09
John in action with his 800lber

Jason Hasset has returned this year with good mate John, with unfinished business to attend to. Last year Jason was in the chair for seven hours until 9pm on a fish that Capt Luke called well over the mark (1300lbs was mentioned but unless you catch them you only guessing).

The first two days on KEKOA were slow with only one bite, but by the end of Day 4 yesterday John has released an 800 and 400lber whilst Jason released a 900lber and Day 3. Jason also released another fish on day 3 but it was hooked just after cease fishing was called therefore being ineligible for the tournament.

The leader after Day 4 is Joe Joe tagging and releasing 7 fish followed by Sparticus in second on countback who is on 7 fish as well , we all know that a good days fishing can send any of the boats quickly through the ranks and with the amount of fish being hooked, caught and seen the tournament is still wide open with three days to go.

Thanks to Kelly Dalling onboard Reel Chase for the photo and remember to click on the photo for a larger image!

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