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Cairns & Great Barrier Reef

KEKOA in Cairns as Heavy Tackle 2009 begins!

Dean accurate Sailfish
Dean on the sailfish

KEKOA is now in Cairns and ready to start it’s 2009 Heavy tackle season this Saturday. But the season has already begun with Dingo landing the first marlin on route to Cairns and then Dean backing up with his first sailfish as seen in another great photo from deck extroadinaire Dingo.  Dean got to test the new accurate reels first hand, and everyone joining us this season should be looking forward to using these world class reels as they continue to impress, even the hard to change regular reel stalwarts.

The season starts with my good mate  Stuey C and myself heading north tomorrow to join the crew. Stuey sure loves his fishing, everthing is a competition flathead, squid, puffer fish, gurnet, stripey trumpeter, mako sharks, scad fishing, scaley’s , tuna – all sorts, wahoo, marlin and even snags,  you name it weve got to catch it, poor Capt Luke the pressure will be on!  But for Dean and Dingo – you are about to see whirlwind Stuey hit the deck, look out!   Stuey first came to prominance with his “Sponge Bob Squrepants” Boxers on the deck of KEKOA, and the photos that I need to get back in the gallery at some stage.

The best thing about fishing experiences like these is there is so much that happens and so many memories and stories to remember for a life time,  I am sure looking forward to adding to my many great memories and will try to keep you posted as best we can whilst out there.

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