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Cairns & Great Barrier Reef

Lizard Island 2009 Wrap Up!

Jason 900lbs Lizard Is
KEKOA in hot pursuit!

Congratulations to the team on Mauna Kea for taking out the 2009 Lizard Island Classic with 11 fish tagged and released for the 7 days.

For KEKOA Jason Hassett and John Wildberger finished off with 5 elegible catches and 2 catches that were ineligible, one of which was a 1000lber for Jason on day 5. Jason finally got his girl!

Not to be outdone John caught Day sixes first marlin and the most memorable fish for the day a BIG 1200lber at No.5 Ribbon reef, which can now be seen on you-tube thanks to Kelly Dalling from Reel Chase and the Black Marlin Fishing Blog. You can check out the slow motion footage by clicking the link below and visiting Kelly’s site. The “BIG” girl now let’s John qualify to apply for membership in the Lizard Island Game Fish Club 1000 pound Tag & Release Club.

Well done to all the boys on KEKOA for their efforts this week and congratulations to all at the Lizard Island Classic, the results from this year’s tournment once again showcases why this is one of the worlds premier Heavy Tackle Tournaments.

Fish sizes for the week on board KEKOA – 400, 400, 450, 800, 900, 1000 and 1200lbs   🙂

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