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Cairns & Great Barrier Reef

Gulf Barra Season Week 9: Bananas in Pajamas

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We have the banana farmers with the most-est back on board again barra fishing with us this week and that’s what its been like – long days on the water and very tired bananas. Raymond even fell asleep on the couch during the State of Origin on Wednesday. Criminal I say! (But in his defense, its not really the same listening on it on the radio than watching it on TV.) The reason the boys have been so tired is that the tides have getting them out on the water nice and early (pre-dawn!) to fish the flats, and then a mad late afternoon bite has seen them returning late – yesterday not until after 6:30pm (after sunset!)

Getting them to stop fishing long enough to take photos has also been a struggle. This is what they’ve given me so far. Best day of the trip so far is 150+ released in a day.  Donny has big fish honors so far getting a cracker 95cm fish out of the snags yesterday.  He said it was the best jungle fight he’s had so far.

But as a result of the boys being on the water so early, I’ve been getting some cracker sunrise shots – like this one (above).

Oh, and Richard and Brett wanted me to say something about their beautiful one-piece rods….but I can’t quite remember what it was…. 😉

Lasty, the croc shot – Donny found this guy in a pro-crabpot. He was already dead and had another croc stalking him..



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Keep up the great work K, love you pics!
Team Smokey on top at the moment, well done Donny!
Better Sunrises than we have in Tassie at the moment.
Enjoy all!

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