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Cairns & Great Barrier Reef

Cairns Marlin Fishing: Winding up with team Pelagic USA

We finished up our final day of fishing with Team Pelagic USA yesterday with 4 from 5 marlin.  What an awesome end to what has been a fantastic trip. After quickly putting away a 250lb-er for Ron, the big bite came on the right rigger to put Mike in the chair onto a solid 900lb black marlin.  It gave us plenty of photo opportunities with runs away from the boat before settling in and MIke was in for his second tough battle of the trip.  She was eventually released beside after some good leader shots with Jack.

Not too long after a hole appeared where the teaser used to be, created by another big girl, but unfortunately she didn’t come back to bite a lure.  After another turn over the spot, a pod of fish appeared in the wave behind the stinger and Braden was certainly ready for the bite putting Berky in the chair on another nice one about 700lbs.  This one too gave us some great photo ops before she was released.

With the boys already celebrating a top day, Ron had one last chance to get back in the chair for his second blue marlin of the trip, as well as a wahoo on the way home.  10 marlin for the trip with the biggest at 700, 750 and 900lbs, monster yellowfin to 130lbs, big eye tuna, a 200lb mako shark and wahoo.

Thanks so much for your company Ron, Mike and Berky from Team Pelagic – it was truly an awesome week! We also enjoyed the wonderful company of Dave Ferrell from Marlin Magazine on this trip so we hope to see some of Dave’s shots in its pages in the near future.

Some of my (Kelly) photos from the final day are below.