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Cairns & Great Barrier Reef

Week 2: Bass meets Barramundi (updated)

Max from West Kunderang, his brother Col from NW NSW and Al and John from Coffs Harbour, joined us on board again this week.  These guys are just a comfortable chasing the barramundi as they are chasing the bass in the local rivers of home. And don’t they love their lures!  It’s a tackle shop on board this week…KEKOA tackle…!

Although the weather has been much wetter, the boys have lucked out with most of the downpours coming after the end of fishing each day. And, with the increased rain (the river level is back up to the 10 meter mark), the fishing has been a bit tougher but they have been steadily plugging away.

Al and John (fishing yesterday with Dan) had a good day and nudged Max and Al (fishing yesterday with Luke), into ‘second place’ (nothing like a bit of competition!), ending up with close to 70 fish for the day between them.  There is also a blooper count, but we’ll keep that one to ourselves!

Chasing up more photos!

Updated: The boys finished up yesterday on a high whipping 20 or so fish out of a drain within sight of and less than a few hundred metres from the big boat.  And not a single photo amongst them!

On Saturday, the boys started with a fish in the Little Archer and were steadily picking away on the barra before taking a trip up to the fresh where they had some fun with some good sized saratoga and mangrove jacks in the crystal clear waters.

On Sunday, our final day, we moved up the coast a little to anchor off the beach so the boys could fish along the rocks and headlands to the north. Again, the water was a bit too clear for the barramundi, but they caught a million cod and bunch of yummy fingermarks on the troll on a shallow reef.

Just before we had to pack up to head back to Weipa, the boys swung by to pick me up for a quick walk on the beach where we found a small creek draining into the salt and a bunch of wizzer barras which gave us quite a bit of fun, casting from the beach.

Scorekeeper Al tells me that they finished within over 200 barra between them.  And in addition many other quality fish – at last count, we were up to 25 species.  Al also told me that he ‘won’ the week with the most and biggest fish.  (That point was hotly disputed!)  I was happy enough to come away with the Champion Female Angler award for my beach drain barra 😉

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