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Cairns & Great Barrier Reef

Cairns marlin fishing – light and heavy tackle


September is changeover month in Cairns, when we switch from light to heavy tackle marlin.  Traditionally we start heavy tackle season in the last week or so of September and this year is no different.

But with the school holidays falling now, we enjoyed one last light tackle hit out this weekend with Craig and Shane and Craig’s sons Tyler and Corey overnighting at Fitzroy Islands.

And its been a great last hurrah for the 2017 light tackle marlin season for us. 

On Day 1, the fishing started off a bit slow but it turned on at lunchtime with a final tally of 8 black marlin from 12 bites. Two more fish jumped off close to the boat and we also raised another 4 marlin that didn’t bite. The fish were all in the 25kg range with one slightly larger model at 30kg.  These fish are so much fun on the light tackle giving everyone a great jumping display!

Day 2 started off much earlier. But the bite was not as hot releasing 2 from 2 before 10am.

The boys also caught us a few tuna which we will be adding to the heavy tackle bait stash.

Thanks guys for a great weekend on the water!