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Cairns & Great Barrier Reef

Cairns Season Weeks 4: Kona blue marlin meets Cairns black marlin


Well known Kona skipper Capt. Chip Van Mols introduced daughter Jada and partner Dan to the reef this year fishing with us on KEKOA for 9 days immediately after the Lizard Island tournament.  While Jada is a seasoned fisherwoman, and fresh from a week in Nova Scotia fishing for giant bluefin right before this trip, she had an introduction by fire (waves) to Cairns and Lizard Island at its freshest. Without a doubt, this trip was the worst weather of the entire season, and very unlike fishing in Kona where you spend a lot of time in the calm waters in the lee of the island, Day 1 was blowing 25-30 knots. So why not jump in and catch two really nice fish straight away and get completely doused by big waves in the process?

That’s just what Jada did with two big black marlin at 700 and 800 on Day 1 – and loved every minute of it!

[styled_image image=”” w=”600″ h=”400″ alt=”Cairns marlin fishing” ]Cairns marlin fishing

All in all it was a great fish ending with 16 black marlin and 1 Number 10 Ribbon Reef sailfish and several big ones including this big fat black marlin that Capt. Luke put 900lbs! (The big fish were 900, 800, 750, 700lbs)

We had a great time with the Van Mols/Holt clan and can say enough good things about these guys! Jada is a machine in the chair and everyone was an absolute pleasure to fish with. We’re already planning for Kona meets the reef 2015 and can’t wait!

Cairns marlin Fishing