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Cairns & Great Barrier Reef

Cairns Season Weeks 5: Marlin tuxedo shirts, because why not?!

We had Anthony and Joe, Andy and Sean joined us on board for five days in the last week of October and had a ball.  With most of us already friendly courtesy of what we like to call Fishbook we had no doubt that fun would await. And when the four amigos arrived fully resplendent in tuxedo shits and oversize sombrero’s (no, they did not get in the way at all 😉 ), it was game on! Quickly, we established that the tuxedos were in fact the lucky outfits for the trip and so they stayed on until almost jumping overboard themselves. As for the hats… I think it was Luke’s call to “take that stupid thing off so I can see what the line is doing” that killed them 😉

Anyways, hats aside, the boys were getting into some really awesome fishing including 5 from 7 marlin in one day up to 600lbs and some real nice ones either side of that at 700, 850 and 900lbs!

10 black marlin for the trip!