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Cairns & Great Barrier Reef

Light Tackle Black Marlin (and Sailfish) 2014

[styled_image w=”250″ h=”375″ lightbox=”yes” align=”left” image=””]Well it’s begun!

After a pretty uneventful trip down to Townsville from Cairns (even though we were straight-lining we usually see a few little blacks along the way. This time not so many!

We did see this sailfish free feeding on the surface and managed to find a dead bait to pitch to him (left).

After arrival we had a days R&R which we spent on board KEKOA’s boat builder Peter O’Brien/O’Brien Boat’s OB1. Fishing at Cape Bowling Green with Pete’s wife Val (Pete on the wheel keeping Luke on deck level for a change) we went 3 from 5 on the little black marlin after what started out as a pretty ordinary day on the water weather-wise, had a glamour run in.

I like to call OB1 KEKOA’s little-sister ship. Great boat to spend the day on the water fishing (as all O’Briens are!)

KEKOA is out of the water for a few days getting a spify up under the waterline. Hopefully back out this weekend!


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