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Cairns & Great Barrier Reef

Gulf of Carpentaria Barra Season: More big banana action

You’d think that I would come up some new witty titles for the reports but alas! But when you’ve got the north’s biggest banana growers on board and battling it out on the river (literally battling hey Ray/Richard), I like to keep to a theme.

Well they had another big 5 days on the river with over 400 barra released including some really good quality fish – and the yellow jacket went to….Richard! (Was Ray even looking? 😉

Great fun this year as every year. More highlights include Howie’s ability to catch fish while reading a book or tree climbing. And Cam’s ability to catch fish anywhere, anytime! (He almost got you Richard!)

Here’s some of the past reports from these guys. They always do really well…thankfully no hooking each other incidents this year. (There I said it!)

2013 – there’s always big bananas
2012 – Bananas in pajamas
2011 – bigger bananas