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Cairns & Great Barrier Reef

Gulf of Carpentaria Barra Season: Winter Waaa??!

We finished our last trip of the 2014 Gulf Barra Season with Max, John, Joel and David at Thursday/Horn Island, and although the weather made it real interesting (cold and wet and windy!! Waa?!? Where did that come from?!) we had a great time and plenty of fish were caught and rivers explored.

From the Ducie and Wenlock systems in Port Musgrave we fished up to the Jackson River (Johnson River hey John;-). The last day dawned just a cold and windy as the previous but turned on glamour sunny conditions for our trip to the tip.

Such a great group to wrap up our Gulf Season – and as always, so happy to have our bass fishing maestro Max on board!

Time now to head back to the east coast and to get ready for marlin!