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Cairns & Great Barrier Reef

Gulf of Carpentaria Barramundi Season 2014 – Kicking off on a high!

Kekoa’s 2014 Gulf of Carpentaria Barramundi Season has kicked off with the team arriving on the Ducie River this week.  On board this season, joining Capt. Luke as our second guide is Kelly Mills. Kelly is an experienced barra guide who has worked guiding from Seisia at the tip of Cape York and all the rivers down the west coast of the Cape down to Weipa, as well as the Tiwi Islands in the Northern Territory and we’re glad to have him joining us on the rivers this year.

Also joining us on board at Thursday Island for the pre-fish this week, after a great weather trip for the crew around the tip of Australia, is Rob Payne (Rob’s better half is the well-known Aussie fishing writer and fly fisherwoman Leeann) and his good mate Rob. So we have two Robs, two Kellys but only one Luke!

While we had a very wet start to the week the fishing wasn’t affected with over a150 releases so far (the water quality on the river is great already this year despite the recent rain!) With the tides, we’ve been spending plenty of time on the flats as Kelly has been getting a feel for the river which he hasn’t fished in several seasons.  Plenty of legal sized barra upwards with some real good quality fish thrown in as well. This should only get better and better as the season goes on.

And the mud-crabbing has been pretty spectacular as well!

Meanwhile the other Kelly (me) has been enjoying some good fishing herself for a change, and has also been getting plenty of action shots of the barra in flight. And while its only week 1, the sunset shots have been amazing night after night! As selection of the shots below.