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Cairns & Great Barrier Reef

Experience a Giant Black Marlin Live Aboard Trip: Video

In late October, 2012, the KEKOA team hosted Queensland Weekender’s Dean Miller on board for a trip down the Ribbon Reef from Lizard Island to Cooktown. Aside from fishing for Giant Black Marlin, we also showed Dean the true live aboard marlin charter experience complete with dinner at Lizard Island’s famous Marlin Bar, a swim at the ‘Cod Hole’ at the top of Number 10 Ribbon Reef, snorkeling and spearfishing for coral trout, and sport fishing for bait and table fish – as well as the giant black marlin experience of course.

Giant Black Marlin Fishing on KEKOA

The show was a glance at all of the above and a great introduction to our team on the boat as well as the beautiful KEKOA which you will call home for your stay with us. Watch the episode yourself below for insight into the true KEKOA experience.

While the fishing wasn’t completely red hot, we certainly had our chances raising 5 fish in the two days we spent trolling the edge. Dean went home with his first marlin and his first well as a burning desire to do it again!

We’re sure you’ll feel the same way after joining us on KEKOA!

For those looking for Kelly’s Coral Trout recipe mentioned in the show, here it is.