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Cairns & Great Barrier Reef

Cairns Marlin Fishing: First Heavy Tackle Day of Season 2012

KEKOA kicked off its 2012 Cairns Giant Black Marlin fishing season yesterday with a day trip with USA couple Matthew and Ashley out of Cairns. On their first visit to Cairns from Western Australia where Ashley has been working, both notched up their first black marlin releases – first for Matthew at 350lbs and then Ashley at 250lbs. While the weather was less than ideal with 25+ knots for most of the day, it was a good fun day on the water!

Besides these two, we also raised three more smaller fish and had a bit of fun with one little guy who followed us for ages, checking out all of the baits on offer several times, but just not hungry enough to eat.

Thanks to Matthew and Ashley for their great company and for a wonderful day on the water!

Now we have a few days off before we start fishing full time next week. The heavy tackle Cairns marlin fishing season runs through to early December.