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Cairns & Great Barrier Reef

Final light tackle black marlin fishing trip of 2012

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We wound up our light tackle season yesterday with visiting angler Zach of the USA catching his first and second ever marlin. While the first was over in a matter of minutes, the second larger fish put Zach through his paces before it was brought on board for a quick photo before release.

This ends our 2012 light tackle black marlin fishing season on KEKOA for 2012 as we switch over to heavy tackle and begin our hunt for the giant blacks next week. Stay tuned for the season reports as we get under way!

Below is a pic of John’s little black marlin on KEKOA last week from Scott “Bat” Taunton on Valhalla who was fishing nearby. It’s unusual to get a pic of your own boat, so many thanks to Bat for passing this along!

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