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Cairns & Great Barrier Reef

Back to Back at Port Stephens!

2008/2009 Back to back Champion Visiting Team KEKOA

Congratulations to Talina O’Brien and the crew from the Townsville Game Fish Club who made it back to back at the Port Stephens Inter-club for KEKOA as the Champion visiting team for 2009. Last year it was Peter and Leigh O’Brien, so maybe the O’Brien name is KEKOA’s secret weapon. The team managed two fish on both the last two days to secure the win. Well done to all who fished with us for the event.

KEKOA and Captain Luke have now returned to the Gold Coast and by all reports the bite on the Blacks up there has been hot. Hopefully KEKOA can get out there in the next couple days for a look.

The Blue Marlin should also be showing up soon so if your interested in having a shot at the line burners on the coast please just let us know.

I hope to get up to the coast myself for some stand up Blue marlin action in the next month or so but for now it’s Tuna fishing in Tasmania!