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Cairns & Great Barrier Reef

Cairns black marlin charters

Mid September –> December

Cairns Black Marlin Charters:
Giant Black Marlin
CAIRNS Black Marlin

On September 25, 1966 when Cairns’ first grander black marlin was caught by Capt. George Bransford and angler Richard Obach, a fishery was born.

Since that time, more grander black marlin have been caught (and released) in these waters than anywhere else in the world and a local modern gameboat fleet offer Cairns black marlin charters in the form of both live aboard and day trips during the peak season of late September to early December each year — bringing anglers to fish this region from all over the world!

KEKOA, a modern O’Brien Gamefisher is a purpose built machine to target these bucket list fish. At 56 foot, she is provides a comfortable fishing and live aboard platform. Indeed most of our trips at this time of year and certainly during peak season are extended stay on board usually of between 4 and 10 days in duration.


The great advantage of live aboard fishing is that staying on the boat you are able to follow the fish up and down the 100 mile stretch of reef – the Ribbon Reefs – the fish frequent at this time of year to put you onto the very best fishing.

On our Cairns black marlin charters guests can enjoy a snorkel or swim after breakfast and sport fishing for bait and the table, before heading out to the marlin grounds – a short trip of a matter of a few minutes when we are staying in the location of the bite.

At night, enjoy socialising and unwinding while reviewing the days marlin video footage over the selection of Australian beer, wine & soft drinks provided. Our cook/hostess (mostly Capt. Luke’s wife Kelly) offers our guests great meals that include the best local seafood and quality Australian beef.

We trust you’ll enjoy the menu – and you certainly will not go home hungry!


Cairns black marlin charters

KEKOA is fully equipped with action cameras to record all the fishing action on video.

Kelly is also an avid photographer and captures some truly awesome still photographs as well (you will see may of Kelly’s pictures throughout the website).

Our guests leave with not only great memories of a fantastic trip, but some great video and photographic evidence as well all copied for you onto USB!

For our live aboard season, while we are primarily fishing for marlin, we are fishing a very special part of the world on the Great Barrier Reef – a spectacular backdrop and one of the 7 Wonders of the Natural World.


Cairns black marlin charters

During the cooler months in Cairns we are also fishing light tackle for the juvenile black marlin.

Typically, these are the first year spawn of the big black marlin that congregated on the reef during in the season just gone (babies of the previous year’s giant black marlin).

Early in the season these fish can be as tiny as 8-10 kg, but they are voracious feeders and can grown up to and exceeding 20kg before they leave our waters to head south in the EAC (East Australian Current) following the food (bait).

We also target larger models what we call reef blacks that just seem to hang around up here like the sails do which we also find in similar size ranges to the juvie fish.

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