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Cairns & Great Barrier Reef

KEKOA Light Tackle Black Marlin 2013


Well KEKOA’s 2013 light tackle black marlin season has kicked off again in Townsville with some wonderful juvie black marlin aerials on the waters off Cape Bowling Green in Townsville.

Its been a busy couple of weeks for the team after bringing the boat down from Cairns in spectacular weather conditions and encountering a few marlin on the way. KEKOA came out of the water last week for her annual lift and has a new waterline and signwriting touch up (marlin bills!) We also hit Cape Bowling Green for the first time on the weekend for a 4-4-2 and 5-5-5 black marlin. All the fish were switch baited which provided plenty of up close action and photo opportunities for Kelly (some of the pics below).

We have also collected fin samples for Dr. Julian Pepperell who is doing a DNA study of the east and west coast black marlin.

This week we gear up for the Mike Carney Toyota Billfish Challenge with the festivities beginning on Thursday. Major Sponsors Mike and Chris Carney are fishing with us again this year and looking forward to the chance to repeat their recent tournament successes!

More to come! (PS – some upgrades to our website are underway today and so please don’t mind some interruptions!)