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Cairns & Great Barrier Reef

3000+ barra for 2013

The numbers are in – over 3000 BARRA this gulf barramundi fishing season!

KEKOA is back home in Cairns and all unpacked and tidied after a busy season in the Gulf in 2013. And Captain Luke has been through the logs books for the season and we’re happy to report we averaged just over 300 barra for each of our 5 day trips – which boils down to more than 50 barramundi caught (and released*) each day – awesome fishing!

Luke and I will be taking a short vacation now before we head down to Townsville for the little black marlin and will be out of phone range for the next two weeks (yes, we’re going fishing!)

We’ll be putting together our 2014 gulf barramundi fishing season when we get back and so if you haven’t already registered your interest for time, please let us know. We’d love to have you all back. (Apologies in advance for any delayed replies to emails while we are away – until July 20.)

See you on the flip side – plenty more exciting fishing coming up!

kekoa gulf barramundi fishing charters

*The overwhelming majority of fish caught are released although all of our guests take home barramundi fish fillets up to the bag limit of 5 per person.  KEKOA provides fish boxes for this purpose for all of our guests.

Find out more about our barramundi fishing trips here – and consider registering your interest for 2014 now before spaces run out!