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Bluewater Mag # 83 – Kelly’s cover

Bluewater Mag # 83 – Kelly’s cover

The latest edition of the Bluewater magazine has hit the shelves and Issue #83 is something the team of KEKOA are very proud of. This issue features the yearly 2010 Heavy tackle season report from all the Cairns fleet which our own Kelly Dalling/Fallon has penned and includes some of her photo’s:

Kelly's BlueWater Covershot

Another of Kelly

AchievementWhat a cover shot!

In addition to the 2010 Cairns Heavy Tackle Season Report, congratulations to Kelly for also getting her first cover shot which features on the cover of issue #83. It’s a fantastic photo of Glenn Frankcombe’s black marlin walking on water on a glamour Cairns day.

For those that don’t know Kelly her passion for photography has seen her take many cover shot quality photo’s, which are enjoyed by many through both the KEKOA website and her very popular Black Marling Fishing Blog website

This year Kelly joined our team on KEKOA after spending the past few years with her father “Fishing Legend” Jim Dalling on the well known vessel Reel Chase.

Kelly’s skill doesn’t stop just with her photography, she is a great angler, video & video editor, magazine article writer, website designer, advertising material designer and in the galley, which on board we now call “Kell’s Kitchen” she is second to none keeping everyone’s appetite under control with an array of quality food.

Since joining KEKOA many clients have enjoyed not only her bubbly personality, and fine kitchen delights, they have also got to take home a piece of memorabilia with a photo and video disc of their time on board.

Kelly, together with her husband Capt. Luke Fallon, KEKOA’s quality crewman, and the new 56’ vessel have given KEKOA the leading edge in the fishing charter industry, delivering what some have said to be:

“The perfect charter experience with mothership quality”

Well Done Kelly!