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Cairns & Great Barrier Reef

Rob’s PB on KEKOA

We had the boys from New York, Rob, Bill, Steve and Corky join us for five days on the reef and we had a ball. What absolute gentlemen and entertainers!  Rob is the fisherman of the group, and in true fisherman’s form, he had his best days fishing when he was all alone having left the other three guys to enjoy the spoils of the Lizard Island resort.

The baits hadn’t been in too long when Capt. Luke called a blue tube on the big bait and Rob got busy in the chair dispatching a solid 500lb-er in 10 minutes. Next up came the bite on the stinger from a fish Capt. Luke put in the 900lb-er range. Unfortunately all we got back was the squeezed runner.

Soon after, Rob was on again, another big girl and Rob was quick to hook her and get himself to the chair as she peeled off line and we did the big chase down sea after her. Although we had the fish on the leader a few times, and she did some epic jumps next to the boat, after an hour’s battle with Rob getting just as good as he was giving, we just couldn’t get her back to the boat.

For the last fish, just as then boys had reset the baits again and were enjoying a moment to breathe, the scad went off again and Rob was hooked up to his last fish of the day, a 250lb-er which was released in good time as well.  What a day! Congrats Rob, we hope to see you on the reef again!

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