Blue Marlin Fishing

At Fraser Island

The blue marlin fishing at Fraser Island can be fantastic almost every month of the year! While peak season might be March through to May, big numbers have been caught in almost every month of the year, particularly also in the period between August and December.

Warm water from the North Queensland tropics is funneled south by the East Australian Current (EAC) and hits the coast at Fraser Island and making these ideal conditions for blue marlin.

And its this year round supply of warm water from the tropics that ensure the Fraser fishery produces the fish year-round as well!

Photo credit: Some of these shots were taken by our multi-talented crewman Divan Coetzee!


Line Burners

Weather towing lures or switch baiting, blue marlin are a tonne of fun. In Australia we fondly call them line burners with very good reason! They are known for huge runs at speed and changing direction incessantly all the while the line is peeling from the reel. [Nicknames: We call black marlin – fixed wingers, and striped marlin – spangled line tanglers!]

The blue marlin are well known for these scorching runs and also for fighting above their weight and anglers use to the big black marlin are often surprised by the amount of fight in them.

And when you’re raising into double figure of these fish a day, any day you’re blue marlin fishing at Fraser Island can be a great day!


March – May

The stable weather conditions at this time of year can also afford us some great fishing in extended calmer conditions.

In the winter months, the Australia high pressure systems tend to move higher bringing these stable calm conditions. And what this allows us is an anchorage closer to the grounds and ideal conditions for the marlin chase.

In the winter months the warmer water coming down from the tropics is met by colder water coming up from the south and the fish congregate on this convergence / temperature break.


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