Big Black Marlin Fishing | Fraser Island

Toward the end of the Cairns giant black marlin season we can see the big blacks start to move on from Cairns as the water temperatures rise. We know through the satellite tagging program as part of the IGFA’s Great Marlin Race that these fish then spread far and wide across the Pacific. But one known and popular route is following the East Australian Current down through the Coral Sea where it hits at the tip of Fraser Island.

In December 2016, the Fraser Coast’s first grander black marlin was caught off Lady Musgrave Island. Many more big fish up to and exceeding 900lbs have been released off Fraser itself during the same period.

Its a great option to target these big blacks as well as the blues that frequent the area during this time as well. And throw in a stripe, and you have a grand slam — also common at this time of year!


Light Tackle Black Marlin

While the big blacks and blues can be firing offshore, the little black marlin are often firing inside. These fish likewise travel south from Cairns and Townsville in the East Australian Current and many stay the waters of Fraser Island for months at a time attracted by the big bait schools inshore.

Indeed one train of though its that on the inside of the island, the juvies can be trapped against their will momentarily as they veer right at the spit instead of left and can be caught right off the beach at Rooney’s Point and Watumba Creek until they work out how to get out and around the island again!

The small fish are great fun on light tackle and are often caught traveling to and from the heavy tackle grounds making for a varied day of fishing!


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