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Fraser Island Marlin Fishing


Join us at Fraser!KEKOA has been based year-round at Fraser Island since late 2018 only returning to Cairns each September for the giant black marlin season.


Australia’s exciting and untapped marlin fishing must-do destination

Fraser Island, on the doorstep of Queensland’s Hervey Bay. The world’s largest sand island and a spectacular travel destination in itself.

Add to it the fact is that it is one of the most promising yet untapped marlin fishing destinations on the east coast of Australia and you can look past it!

We’ve already experienced some spectacular fishing here. 25 heavy tackle marlin in 7 days fishing in November (primarily blue marlin with a few blacks and stripes) and 39 juvenile black marlin in 2.5 days fishing in June. Join us!

You can catch all three species of marlin caught in Australian waters here. And you can also catch marlin all year round.

In the past, one of the biggest hindrances for fishing here has been the lack of close access to a comfortable anchorage in all weather and wind conditions.

While the island has not magically opened a marina(!) the advent of gyro stabilisers have made anchoring options that were previously less practical (or comfortable) an advantage for access to the next day’s fishing.

[Hervey Bay boasts three marina’s in close access to Fraser with KEKOA calling the Hervey Bay Boat Club home.]

At 56 foot, KEKOA is a stable and powerful fishing platform, but the installation of the gyro stabilizer in July 2018 will take her fishability in the Fraser Island waters to the next level.

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While the first 1000lb blue marlin in Australian waters was caught only recently in Exmouth WA, many believe, us included that the first grander blue marlin off Fraser Island is not far away either!

And it is the hunt for the blue marlin grander that has significantly raised the profile of the blue marlin in Australia, which is traditionally known for the big black marlin.

Why have blues become such a bucket list fish over the last few years?

Simply put their fighting power is beyond equal.   In 2017 we had several of our regular black marlin season anglers fish with us for blues at Fraser Island and none could believe the thrill of fighting these fish who are so quick through the water, full speed in one direction, next minute full speed in another all the while screaming off drag!

The blue marlin are famous scorching runs and as well as for fighting above their weight!

And when you’re raising into double figure of these fish a day, any day marlin fishing at Fraser Island has the potential to be world class. Multiple fish in the spread at one time are also common and we caught several double headers last season!

What’s more, like the Gold Coast (and Exmouth), while there are peak seasons, the temperature and conditions hold the blue marlin year round.

Some of the stats from Fraser Island marlin fishing in 2017:
– 5 from 9 – 4 blues and 1 black marlin
– 6 from 9 – 6 blue marlin
– 5 from 7 – 4 blues and 1 striped marlin
– 25 marlin in 7 days of fishing (20 blues, 3 blacks, 2 stripes)

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While the giant black marlin have been traditionally associated with the tropical waters off and north of Cairns, giant black marlin have been found and caught in the waters of Fraser Island on a regular basis. Most regularly towards the end of the northern marlin season at the start of the summer as the water in FNQ gets too warm and the fish follow the EAC (East Australian Current) south.

In fact, it is the convergence of these currents at the tip that makes the Fraser Island marlin fishing so good.

In 2017 we hooked and fought a potential grander black marlin ourselves (unfortunately pulling the hooks into the fight) so we too know they are here. And most of our days on blues were at that time of year we are also hooking, fighting and catching big blacks.


The light tackle black marlin fishing at Fraser Island can be the stuff dreams are made of. Sight casting on the sand both inside and outside the island – inside at the famous Rooney’s Point – are possible.

In fact, the fish the juveniles are found here in such numbers that many have speculated as to a second spawning after Cairns, which further reinforces the theory that the big spawning blacks head south down the coast as the water warms in the north.

In 2017, on his first attempt, we caught Gary Carter the recently confirmed Australian black marlin record on 1kg line class!

These fish are great fun on light and ultra light tackle, very acrobatic is simply amazing when you can be fishing in just metres of crystal clear water along sandy beaches.

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While the striped marlin are often overlooked for their often companions the blues, these are pretty fish and like their black and blue cousins can give a magnificent display for the camera.

When you see a stripe in the spread for the first time, it can be unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. As it gets excited behind the bait or lure it turns on the neon and you can see the vivid stripes and neon wings quite easily.

They fight hard and give a great top water display. A great fun fish to mix up your day!