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Cairns & Great Barrier Reef

Carpentaria Barra Season Wk 9: Victoria’s on FIRE

Photos to come – has been very busy on MV KEKOA these past few days.

Some highlights:
JD hasn’t quite found his sea legs yet. Yesterday he went for an impromptu swim. I heard he also found out from the experience that he can also walk on water! 😉  Message for home, if he hasn’t called in recently this is why (his phone was in his pocket!) Today, he repeated his fancy footwork for a second dip. He told me, he’s going to make it an everyday thing.

Rooster has caught the biggest fish two days running now hence new nickname from Hass, ‘Cocky Rooster’!

How’s this for a nice fish – 112 cm for the cocky Rooster yesterday.


PS: Dear Bomber, sorry we’ve been too busy catching lots of barra to put up the photos yet. 🙂

Comments (5)

Nice fish HASS where’s yours ?? They have grown since I let them go last year!

Nice work nav man ! You know he will be waiting for you tomorrow

Nice one Rooster, Shame my husband carnt stay on his feet to catch a big one. Perhaps a lesson or two on balancing may help hahahaha

Hi Briony, I’m putting some more photos up now. Actually JD responsible for some real nice ones. He catches them better when he’s in the boat though 😉

Photos are awesome Kelly thanks, glad he has stayed in the boat while reeling them in. Id be nicknaming him Dips hahaha. Enjoy the rest of trip guys.

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