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Cairns & Great Barrier Reef

Carpentaria Barra Season Week 8: Oh what a feeling!

We have Mike Carney and his Toyota team back on board with us at the moment. And we’re back in phone range (so the blogs will be more regular again!) and fishing in one of our all-time favourite spots.

The first two days so far have seen the boys enjoying some pretty good fishing with yesterday just spectacular in so many ways. Perfect weather for barra – hot, humid and still – I had a text from Capt. Luke about mid-morning to let me know that they had already caught about 60 fish several nice ones amongst them (and that was just on his boat!)

What a feeling….Toyota!

Here are some of the pics so far. More to come!

Day 3 Update: Capt. Luke says that this morning’s start has been even better than yesterday. Close to 100 from the session so far!! After a few 90’s yesterday, there were more smaller models today with 80’s from both Mike and Luke the big fish of the day.

Day 4 Updates: While I cook mudcrab to make tonight mudcrab lasagna the boys are back out and catching again. More fun today with the fish on surface lures and Luke tells me Arthur got a nice one at 76cm on the top. Mike is fishing with Braden today and I heard that he’s just caught a barra on his ‘Popper Jimbo‘. Mike’s been keen to give this bad boy a run all week but Luke banished it from his boat. Looks like its finallly brought home the goods 😉

Kelly’s instagrams:

I’ve added some of my instagram photos here so you can get a ‘Kelly’ alternative on the week.


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WOW – seems like you are all having LOTS of fun. Good Work! Say hi to Mike for us. 🙂

OH – shut up with the sushi and MUDCRABS. Looks soooo yummy! And all we are having for dinner tonight is chicken…….. 🙁

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