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Cairns & Great Barrier Reef

Carpentaria Barra Season: Week 4 – Part 2

So many photos this week!

I was making a disc of photos this morning for Jeff to take home and share with his fellow weary/happy fisherman, and noted the count, an incredible 412 images this week of all the action.  Thank you to Jeff for sharing with us some of his pics from the week as well. It was an absolute pleasure having you all on board with us again and we enjoyed your company as we always do!

The final two days were full of action. On the last day on the river, several more quality fish were caught and released but noone could beat Bob’s fish.  There’s always next year right;-) Beyond the fishing, the boys were quite daring, even venturing into the river for a swim over lunch. Albeit in the fresh, very crystal clear part of the waterway!

On the final day we did another bluewater fish back to Weipa and had a very comfortable trip courtesy of the strong south-east and protection from the coast. We also had some really good fishing. Smashed on the lures by cobias (fresh cobia for lunch) and then dropping for fingermark and golden trevally (with some tea leaf trevally in there too). And I think there was a mackerel or two in there as well.

We did the count on the way home – 14 species caught and released I think it was for the week.  Plus three groupers, neither caught nor released, just hanging around 😉

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Thanks Bob, we were keeping an eye on Zane, but he kind of fizzled out. Some wind expected this afternoon, but not even a drop of rain yet!

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