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Cairns & Great Barrier Reef

Carpentaria Barra Season: Week 4 – The gents are back!

The Gold Coast Gents – Jeff, Geoff and Graeme, joined by first timer (with us, though much experienced) Bob, are back to fish with us again this week.

After the first day on the water, it was contended from Geoff that they collectively lost more fish yesterday than they saw last year. I’m not sure if that’s a comment on the good fishing or their angling skills! 😉

These boys believe in being ready for all contingencies. Lots of rods and lots tackle!

Yesterday, from the story I heard upon return, they certainly put the contingency plan straight into practice. One particularly practiced angler, who shall remain nameless, had three rods rigged up and ready to go – first cast, oops, in the snag. Okay, second contingency, second rod, second cast…….oops, in the same snag. Okay, third contingency, third rod, third cast….you guessed it, same snag.

It was generally agreed that it was lucky there were only three rods rigged! 😉

But by all accounts, it was a very good day on the water.  Some hot fishing in the morning and afternoon with the fish a bit harder to find in the middle of the day. A great start to the trip!

Update: a great day on the water yesterday with several 90+ landed and a few over the metre mark lost. Bob leads the charge with a 97cm!

Update 2: More very good fish today though the metre mark is elusive. Big fish hooked, big fish lost. Bob’s 97 still stands though a few more 90’s into the mix today!

Cape York fishing at its very best!

Comments (3)

Looks like even the wolfman (aka Braeden/Nigel) got a nice fish as well

He’s getting even ‘wolf-ier’ every day that passes. Lost another big one (straightened the hooks) over the metre mark this week. And lost another in a snag. He’s determined that’s for sure 😉

Jenny Leigh-Smith

Love all the smiles. They tell a great story. Good quality fish too. 4 Happy great white fishermen again.
Cheers Kelly & Luke. Jenny

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