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Cairns & Great Barrier Reef

KEKOA 2012 Cairns Black Marlin Season Wrap Up

THe 2012 Cairns black marlin season has finished on a high, with some of the best fishing we encountered coming in the last couple of weeks.  With the water temperature quite cool for most of the season, Capt. Luke picked it for a late run, and that is definitely what we experienced with the most exciting action happening wide of the bank, on the tuna agregation in late November.   Big black marlin, a few blue marlin thrown in, and big yellowfin tuna to 130lbs as well as smaller big eye tuna, making some exciting fishing for our anglers! We even caught a mako on a lure which was good fun!

Overall the fishing this season was tougher than recent years. The fishing was hot when it was ‘on’, but there were a few quiet periods thrown in there for good measure that tested everyone’s marlin paitience:-) Having said that, good times with good clients were had all the way through!

While the fishing was tougher this year, we’re happy to report it was a temporary lull due to climatic conditions, with the arrival of the El Nino (which conversely may have had a positive effect on the little black marlin in 2012) which shouldn’t have any effects on 2013! The good news is, with the cooling of the water, it should translate into less ‘cyclonic’ activity in the north over the summer!

While our regular giant black marlin season is now over for the year, and we will take a break for Christmas and visit our family to the south of the state, KEKOA will remain in Cairns and is available for day trips through January and February as we gear up again for our season in the Gulf.

This is our fourth year fishing for barramundi and other species in the rivers to the north and south of Weipa. We offer live-aboard trips 5 days fishing/6 nights on board ex-Weipa from March through to June.  While 2013 is already fully booked, we are taking enquiries for 2014 already so get in early if you are interested!

Likewise, we will once again be fishing the juvenile black marlin season out of Townsville and Cairns in July, August and early September before gearing up for heavy tackle again from later that month.  If you are interested in joining us to chase marlin in 2013, contact Capt. Luke now (0428 789 840 or by email) regarding available dates.  Time is filling!

Below are some more photos from my camera from the season that haven’t made it up yet. And there are plenty more!  I’ll be working on the video from our season over the holidays so watch out for that in the New Year.

Thank you once again to everyone who fished with us in 2012. We had a ball and hope you did too!

Wishing you a safe and Merry Christmas and all the very best for 2013!