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Cairns & Great Barrier Reef

Cairns Marlin Fishing: Scotty’s launches sat tag

Shortly after the 2012 Lizard Island Black Marlin Classic, we were given a satellite tag that was not deployed during the competition. On Sunday, the perfect opportunity for us to deploy the tag came along with an 800lb black marlin for KEKOA’s owner Scotty Taylor. The fish was hooked perfectly on a circle hook in the corner of the jaw and had plenty of energy left in her. So we will look forward to when the tag pops up and we find out where she’s been!

Sunday was a pretty exciting day on board with the big fish piling on the big bait for Scotty and doing some great greyhound leaps across the ocean with KEKOA trucking after.  Shortly after she was tagged and released we pulled the hooks on a second larger fish (about 900lb) at the back of the boat with the leader just out of range. We also had a 600lber pile on the big bait pulling it out if the rigger several times but no hookup. Finally we converted one more with another sunset black for Glen.

This followed up on another three fish early in the trip for Scotty, Glen and Vic – photos below.