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Cairns & Great Barrier Reef

Cairns Marlin Fishing: Josh & Jason’s Return

Jason has returned to the reef again this year and brought 13 year old son Josh along again for his second trip. In 2011, Josh caught his first marlin, and this year, he’s shown that he’s keen to take on a few more.  On Day 1, Josh caught his second Cairns marlin fishing late in the day, the bite came just on sunset.  While Jason caught another larger fish next up, Josh spent another 30 minutes in the chair yesterday, with the drag going up to 45lbs at the end (big drag on Josh’s small frame) doing the hard yards. The fish was unfortunately lost, but he certainly showed some of the grit that the “Hass” is well known for!

More to come as we continue this trip.

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Great photos, are they all your fish Josh. I can see you are having a great time.
Granny, Mum

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