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Cairns & Great Barrier Reef

Queensland Weekender crew join KEKOA on the reef

Queensland Weekender host Dean Miller's 250lb black marlin

We had Queensland Weekender host Dean Miller as well as producer Karen and cameraman Chris join us for a few days on the reef this past week. They were filming for a 30 minute special to air in the new year (probably February – as soon as we have any air date we will let you all know!) The episode will focus on all there is to offer on a live aboard fishing trip on the GBR and we certainly did it all from marlin fishing to beach-combing on Lizard Island, swimming at the world-famous Cod Hole at the top of number 10 Ribbon, snorkeling on the Ribbon Reefs, spearfishing for trout, sport fishing for mackerel and the like and throwing poppers at GT’s…the list goes on!

Oh and a cooking segment in Kelly’s galley as well!

A great show, a great team and great company – we can’t wait until it airs!


Photo caption: Queensland Weekender host Dean Miller’s 250lb black marlin