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Cairns & Great Barrier Reef

Week 6: Ducie Producing

Great friends Bill and Elaine and Jill and Robert join us this week from Melbourne and Tully for a relaxing week on board KEKOA fishing the Ducie River.  Yesterday’s first session on the drain was a great start with many legal fish coming back to KEKOA to take home – getting this out of the way early so the pressure is off for the rest of the week.  They also brought home a couple of salmon which we enjoyed with Capt. Luke’s famous beer batter last night.  We all agreed with the Captain that the salmon can taste just as good as barra! Yum!

Bill was keeping score but he got a little busy on the rod, maybe he’ll have an update for us on the standings today?

Update after Day 3: A big day on  the water today. Robert and Jill got up early for a casting session on the flats which found them a few pockets of fish. And then later in the day it was back to the drains for a bait fishing session.  Bill hasn’t been keeping strict score but he told me he and Elaine, fishing with Luke, got over 40 barras for the session with approximately 15 of legal size.  Meanwhile Robert and Jill fishing with Dan weren’t too far behind either.  Best of the day 77cm to Bill and 73cm Jill (on Robert’s line – there’s a dispute over ownership.)

Final Update: Jill set the bar on Day 4 with an 89cm barra and despite some feirce competition on the final day (with an 80cm for Bill and an 85 for Elaine), she couldn’t be beat.  The weather turned it on for us as well making it a beautiful trip back down the coast to Weipa with wild horses on the beach and wolf herring doing their best to slime the side of the boat. A very enjoyable and memorable trip!

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