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Cairns & Great Barrier Reef

Week 1: At the Archer (Updated)


Burls and his best for the day at 88cm - then he got mugged by this masked man!


We arrived at the mouth of the Archer River with Burls (Andrew), Mick, Scott and Tony on board late Tuesday evening with everyone keen to get off to a great start on Wednesday morning.  Despite the river levels having dropped to a more manageable level (4-ish metres), the boys did the trek all the way up to the fresh only to discover there is still far too much water running up there.  Back in the salt they came across a gang of fish on the snags and managed about 30 fish (mostly wizzers) in short succession and including a few of legal barras for dinner. But they didn’t make it back to the boat before the heavens opened and it was six drowned rats that returned for a celebratory drink or two at the end of the day.  (Notably, as to just how heavy the rain was, the river levels soared back up to the 7+ metre mark overnight!).

Day 2 and with the sun shining, the boys went for a run down the coast to the Love and picked up some smaller fish once again before coming back to the Archer.

Fishing with Capt. Luke, Burls and Mick found a honey hole and finished the day with 50 barras between them including this 88cm for Burls, his biggest for the day.  A top effort!  Fishing with Dan, Scott and Tony were not far behind on the numbers and also have a few good mangrove jacks (piccies) for take home as well.

Update: More photos added from Day 3 below. I just spoke to Capt. Luke on the radio and he said they are catching them real good today!

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Big thank you to Two Dog Tony for some of these amazing pictures – the Gulf is a photographer’s delight!

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Rhys and Julia McLauchlan

For Scott McLauchlan

Nice pictures, Dad!! Hope you catch a big one.

Love Rhys and Julia

Thanks once again for a great trip, enjoyed it to the max, great fishing, great food, great company! It is what my hand needed – some FYSHIOTHERAPY.

Haha! Thanks so much Mick – it was such a great pleasure to have you all on board. Hopefully you’ll get some more Fyshiotherapy soon!

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